Draw, write & inspire new ideas
Samsung Flip 2 provides users with a smooth and familiar pen to paper writing experience in a variety of available colors, styles and widths. Up to 4 people can write simultaneously, using any object as a writing tool. In addition, users can quickly erase the drawings with finger or palm swipe.
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Creating a masterpiece
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On brush mode, Samsung Flip recognizes a wide range of thicknesses, ensuring users can create art at the stroke of a brush. Water and oil painting modes allow different styles and textures, while the Flip also gives users a full, vibrant color palette, even allowing flexible color mixing.
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NOS.JO Our Maintenance Team
Write on any background
Samsung Flip can be used for a wide range of business applications, providing embedded versatile templates. You can use the Flip as a calendar, scheduler, note or checklist board. Samsung Flip perfectly matches any business need, enabling users to utilize the display in various customized ways.
Easy content navigation & protection
Samsung Flip has up to 20 pages of writing space per roll, allowing users to seamlessly scroll through pages. In addition, the Flip ensures that confidential meeting information remains in the right hands. Its reinforced lock system allows users to safeguard sensitive content from view.
Multiple connection options
Users are empowered by the Flip’s versatile connection options. USB, HDMI, NFC and screen sharing capabilities enable optimum collaboration and provide interactive content visibility, notation and sharing. The Flip also offers an optional tray as a more powerful connectivity extension.
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